TeamRGE is a community group of industry experts with focus on Remoting Graphics for Virtual Desktops and Applications.

The goal of this group of community leaders and overall geeks is to share unbiased and independent knowledge via blog posts, white papers, videos and presentations at local and international events.

User Experience is king. Modern remoting protocol, GPU capabilities on-premises and in public cloud and are the building blocks for a modern virtual digital workspace!

Ruben Spruijt | Field CTO | Microsoft MVP, NVIDIA NGCA

Given the improvements that a GPU provides to a virtual desktop it’s not a question of whether or not you’ll use GPUs in virtual desktops but rather when you’ll use them.

Shawn Bass | Startup advisor

Modern applications window managers and browsers benefit from a GPU which massively improves user experience. In the near future ‘GPU inside’ will be the standard for every Virtual Desktop solution.

Dr. Benny Tritsch | Managing Director at Dr. Tritsch IT Consulting

TeamRGE Founders

  • Shawn

    Shawn is a recognized expert in the end-user computing industry. With more than 20 years of consulting experience, he has worked with all facets of End User Computing (Terminal Services, Virtual Desktops, Application Virtualization, and Enterprise Mobility Management) since the very beginning of these technologies. Shawn joined VMware in September 2014 to help lead and define a long-term strategy for VMware’s End User Computing products and works closely with the product team to implement the strategy in the coming years. He was CTO of Desktop Technologies in the EUC business unit at VMware until Q2 2023. Currently, he is a Startup advisor. Follow @shawnbass on X or contact Shawn via email at shawn [at] shawnbass.com.

  • Benny

    Dr. Benny Tritsch is a Subject Matter Expert in modern workplace designs, graphics remoting and end-user experience analysis. In his role as a Managing Director at Dr. Tritsch IT Consulting he works with customers and partners across Europe and North America. With his EUC Score toolset, Benny introduces user-centric quality criteria and scientific benchmarking methods to the digital workplace market.

  • Ruben

    This tough mudder travels the world spreading tokens of knowledge hidden in stroopwafel from the land of nether. Everywhere he travels, he shares information and sprouts understanding. He frames his experience in End User Computing so that others can learn the root of the technology, and what is most important in life.

    He is an accomplished Field Chief Technology Officer (CTO) specializing in End User Computing (EUC). In this influential role, Ruben will contribute to company and product strategy and alliances, analyze EUC technology trends, provide product and industry insights to fellow (executive) colleagues, and establish and lead vibrant communities of customers, partners, and ecosystem partners.

    Ruben is a 16-year Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) veteran, NVIDIA GRID Community Advisor, and was in the Citrix Technical Professional (CTP) program and VMware vExpert for many years, he is based in the Netherlands, where he lives with his wife and three kids.


TeamRGE contains 12 active member from all over the world that participate in this community by sharing the knowledge and expertise on remote graphics.