Eltjo van Gulik

Eltjo van Gulik

Eltjo van Gulik is a Principal Product Manager for HDX Graphics & Seamless at Citrix, directing the vision and strategy for the Citrix HDX Graphics domain. Eltjo has over two decades of experience in the End User Computing domain.

He is recognised as a former CTP, and his community contributions span blogging, public speaking at international events like Citrix Synergy, and participating in other community-driven initiatives like GO-EUC, a platform that he founded together with Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk.

Outside of work, he is a proud father and husband. And as a self-proclaimed beer and coffee aficionado, he prefers Russian Imperial Stouts, and the distinct tastes of Brasil/Costa Rica Arabica blends for his coffee.

In his spare time, Eltjo is an avid Dungeons and Dragons player. Only 3rd edition though, because the newer versions suck (did we mention that Eltjo is slightly pedantic yet?)

His friends often label him as social, slightly pedantic, and suitably lazy.